Innovative. Trendsetting. Different.

This is the credo according to which the self-taught artist John Tonic has been working in his small studio in Dresden for over two years.

He perceives the “Destruction” of an obvious finalized art piece as the ignition to create something completely new and even more complex than it already was in its finalized condition.  He interprets this impulse as the cycle and intricacy of evolution itself and implements this philosophy in his unique modern artworks.

His artistic claim is the aesthetic symbiosis of rough, partly chaotic structures with unusual, mostly very intensive colour combinations and new materials, which have not been used in this way before. This enables him to create 3-dimensional symphonic layers and textures with a high degree of depth by hand on canvas.

„It is not so easy to reinterpret art styles or even to create a new kind of art that does not yet exist in form and feel; nevertheless, I have obviously succeeded. You recognise a John Tonic immediately!“

After completing the work „a lil bit of binary rudeness“ – which he considers the birth of his creative work – in early 2021, the artist decided to make his art accessible to a wide audience and published his creative work on social media. Only three months later, he signed his first contract with a German gallery.

Aesthetics before Meaning

„You also have to accept that art doesn’t always have a profound meaning and, as in my case, so far I don’t want it to. I’m purely about aesthetics and I vehemently refuse to imbue my artworks.“

John Tonic’s works are characterised by a modern and entirely new form of appearance, which has been combined with a high degree of feeling for colour and which, depending on the light used, can intensify or even completely transform its colourfulness. Here, gently embedded metallic effects, bright colours or even strongly fluorescent accents become visible in ultraviolet light.


„It’s not just ART. It’s a John Tonic!“

Artist John Tonic

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