Artist JohnTonic perceives the “Destruction” of an obvious finalized art piece as the ignition to create  something completely new and even more complex than it already was in its finalized condition.  He interprets this impulse as the cycle and intricacy of evolution itself and implements this philosophy in his unique artworks.
„I was so fatigued of what is actually seen in modern art. It looks almost all the same – with a few exceptions – and there is nothing revolutionary to find. So, I decided to create something totally new on my own! 

My own goal is the symbiosis of aesthetic structures coordinated with unusual colours and new materials which are not used as I use them, yet. I’m able to create 3-dimensional symphonic layers and textures on canvas. This isn’t only modern; this is in my opinion the future of contemporary art…and I´m one of the pioneers of this art direction!”

You will find rough and wild structures combined with a huge amount of sensitivity for colours which are able to transform depending on the light you use. Smooth metallic all-encompassing accents or high fluorescent accents in ultraviolet light become visible.